3 Steps to tick off any task on your todo list

I’m very good at procrastinating things and I honestly think a lot of people are. I do have a nice task list in Todoist, but there’s certain tasks that keep being moved ahead to tomorrow, and then tomorrow and then next week (because it’s already weekend again). There’s many tasks for which it doesn’t really matter when they get done, it’s more important that they get done (Eisenhower matrix, anyone?). This makes it easy to just keep postponing them.
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Don't store things in your head

There’s certain people with impeccable memory, I’m surely not one of them. It was when I was reading the book GRIP by Rick Pastoor that I realized why it’s bad to keep things in your head: they stay in your head and you’re reminded of them (even if you don’t need it). On one hand you’d say this is a very handy feature, you’ll (hopefully) be remembered when you’re in the super market to buy the milk you needed for a few days already, but on the other hand there’ll also be plenty of times you’ll be reminded of it when it’s actually not that useful, such as when trying to sleep.
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It doesn't have to be perfect... just do it

People who know me know I’m a bit of a perfectionist. For some things, “a bit” may even be an understatement. I’m very good at overoptimizing things, but something that I noticed more and more lately is that most of the time “pefect” is not what I should be aiming for. Many things work out very well even if they’re not perfect. Example In the last few months I got sucked into the rabbit hole of personal knowledge management (PKM, definitely more on this later).
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This is the start of my blog. I posted some info about its goal on the About page.